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donsrods 11-20-2013 01:10 AM

Rock Auto.
Just wanted to pass along that I have been buying a lot of parts on line recently for my Cadillac project from Rock Auto. I compared their prices with our local Autozone and Advance Auto, and even with shipping their prices are way less. On a recent order that cost me $ 245.00 I saved over $100, and all the parts were AC Delco, Raybestos, Walker, and other name brands.

Their list of parts for your car starts with the least expensive, non name brand items and goes from there to the top of the line brands. For example, a caliper cost me $26 that the local auto store wanted $ 56 for the same part.

My Son Don recently used them for the front brake parts for his Suburban and he saved about a hundred bucks too. The parts came really fast via Fed Ex and the shipping was very cheap, considering I had some big parts in there like an exhaust system. They also kept me posted via email with shipping info and a confirmation of my order.

You might want to check them out.


Dirtyrat 11-20-2013 10:24 PM

I've had exactly the same experience, they are great, and you can usually find a discount code online too, on top of the already low pricing!

OddRodsGarage 02-28-2014 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by Dirtyrat (Post 365752)
I've had exactly the same experience, they are great, and you can usually find a discount code online too, on top of the already low pricing!

Now there is an idea !! A place on RRR where the discount codes could be posted .........

billy 02-28-2014 02:07 PM

i love those guys
i save a bundle buying from them

donsrods 02-28-2014 09:28 PM

Since the time I ordered those parts I mentioned, I have gotten them all installed and they were perfect.......except for the front two calipers. Turned out Caddy used two different calipers in that year. So I called Rock Auto and a nice guy there told me to look under my trunk mat and there would be a code there for what brakes mine had. I gave him the number and he told me what part numbers I actually needed for mine.

I boxed up the incorrect ones and sent them back and figured I would have a hassle getting credit because I had opened the boxes and gotten hand prints on them. I cleaned them up best I could. But a week later I got an email telling me they had given me full credit for the return.

So the service was good, but the only downside was that it cost me $ 27 to ship the wrong ones back to get my $ 53 credit. If I had bought locally I wouldn't have incurred that shipping cost, but in the end I did save some money on the entire order, so it was probably a good deal overall.

That seems to be the only downside with internet orders, you have to get the incorrect parts back to them and that usually falls on you to do.


billy 03-02-2014 08:08 AM

The first time I used them
My Toyota truck got hit
And I bought a new bumper,grill and headlight/turn signal assembly
For $150
Every since then I have loved them.

Bamamav 03-02-2014 12:19 PM

I use them a lot for older stuff. I will set up a cart with every thing I need, get the price + shipping, then check Advance and OReilly's web sites and compare prices. Sometimes it's cheaper to order it from Advance or Oreilly and then pick it up at the store. When I was ordering the brakes for the 8" Fairlane rear under the Lincoln, I needed a wheel stud, so I put it on the cart. When I pulled up the final price, a $2 stud was going to cost $7.50 to ship since it was coming from a different warehouse! Needless to say, I got it locally for $2.50. If all the parts you order come from the same warehouse, the shipping usually isn't too bad, but if it comes from more than one warehouse, it can eat up the savings pretty quick. I will pick and choose parts to make sure they come from the same place if I can, sometimes though it just won't work that way.

When I ordered the brake parts, they came from a warehouse about 125 miles east of me. Supposed to be three day delivery. FedEx took 7 days to get them to me, they carried the stuff 125 miles farther east before they came back west! Real efficient, huh? :D

maverickmk 03-02-2014 09:37 PM

They usually are the cheapest, but not always. Like anything else, be sure to check other sources, but I buy most of my stuff from them, unless I need it asap. I really like how they have their site set up. It is very easy to navigate.

donsrods 03-06-2014 11:34 AM

Just last night my Son Don was working on a Town Car he bought to flip and the window regulator was bad. Autozone and Advance are at $65 so we checked Rock Auto. $25 + $10 shipping but no tax, so he got it for half of what he would have paid locally. While I like to buy local and also like the convenience of just running over to pick up something, when I can save that kind of money I have no problem waiting a couple of days for it to show up.


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