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DozerII 06-06-2022 03:07 AM

Beautiful ZZ[P[P

Torchie 06-06-2022 10:09 AM

[cl [cl :D :D :cool: :cool: :cool:
[P [P [P

BillM 06-07-2022 05:58 AM

Looks great ZZ, as always. Doubtful you'll use granny low often, but you don't want it hitting that beautiful dash!

smallfoot 06-07-2022 08:41 AM

Man, that's nice!!!

Old Iron 06-08-2022 07:18 AM

The Cadi chrome is how to have an open mind when designing a dash

zzrodder 06-08-2022 06:42 PM

5 Attachment(s)
I decided to work on the exhaust before the cab gets farther along (and heavier), so I popped it off - much easier to work on it instead of crawling around underneath. This is as far as I'll have the tailpipes go until I make the box and rear fenders, then they'll get finished up. Putting in the cutouts took some thinkin' - I was tempted to run them out the frame side, but just couldn't bring myself to cut a 4 1/2" hole in the middle of the framerail to put in a sleeve. So I went stealth mode - it will still bark loud enough I figure. While the cab was off I cleaned up the welds, etc on the underside, finished welding along the back edge that was inaccessible before. Also while it was off, I made a couple small filler panels to finish off the front cab corners.


soltz 06-08-2022 09:01 PM

Very nice [cl

Old Iron 06-09-2022 06:05 AM


dutch 06-09-2022 03:09 PM


zzrodder 06-09-2022 07:23 PM

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Spent a couple hours today at the fun park for dudes, aka - The Pick n Pull boneyard. After looking at literally hundreds of cars, I came up with these - rear seats from an '08 Mazda 5 SUV thingie. Decent shape, not so thrashed as front seats usually get - no wires, dual armrests, storage bins underneath, they fold back and forth and are on sliders, plus the 'tupperware' is not overly offensive. :)http://ratrodsrule.com/forum/attachm...3&d=1654820012

Made some 3" risers from 2x3 tube split in half, welded new mount tabs to the tracks, just need to weld nut plates to the floor and they are done! Oh, the headrest have to go, they just don't look right here, and I hate seeing them thru the back window.http://ratrodsrule.com/forum/attachm...4&d=1654820012

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