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zzrodder 06-11-2022 07:29 PM

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Originally Posted by smallfoot (Post 559916)
Are you going to suicide the doors? Looking good!

Yep. :)
Door # 1 taking shape, it's about 1" lower in front than at the rear of the door and I gave the top of the window opening a bit of a curve for that old timey look, rounded the corners. Been 16 years since I made the doors for the Hennway and I seem to have forgotten how I did it - getting back on the learning curve means some pieces end up as scrap :(. Well at least lessons learned on this one should make the other door go together easier.....


soltz 06-11-2022 07:52 PM


redidbull 06-12-2022 05:35 AM

Unbelievable skill! Great job!!! Jim

BillM 06-12-2022 05:57 AM

That looks great ZZ!

05snopro440 06-12-2022 08:22 AM

You're an artist!

Old Iron 06-12-2022 08:29 AM


zzrodder 06-12-2022 07:24 PM

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So I'm looking at the pic of the door from yesterday and spotted a monumental screw up.... I forgot to allow for the door gap at the top when placing the window opening, so it wound up being about 5/16" too low, not matching the height of the quarter window :mad: Also the gap at the front of the door was too wide :( Spent half the day cutting it apart and raising the opening and welding a strip to the front edge of the door - then fixing all the warpage from welding. Did get the door handle and mech mounted, window tracks done and window winder from the F100 figured out tho...


lowbudget50 06-12-2022 07:56 PM

Glad to see we are all human!!! Looking good!!!!

05snopro440 06-12-2022 10:06 PM

Looks awesome!

Some days I feel like I make a mistake whenever I go into the shop, good to know you're human as well. :p

Old Iron 06-13-2022 07:30 AM

I seen that but, I figured you planned it that way :)

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