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AC45ACP 12-12-2015 09:39 PM




Snake Farm 12-13-2015 10:42 AM

I like it! Just don't bang your knee on the glove box though. [ddd :cool:

Radman 01-17-2016 05:23 AM

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Hi guys,
Here's my pride and joy, my '62 Cadillac coupe de Ville. Very plain and stock apart from the coolant overflow tank. Love this forum and all your great rides and creativity. Greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Old Iron 01-17-2016 10:28 AM

Great looking Cadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shakey56 01-28-2016 10:23 PM

1955 Ford C600 COE
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My dash. 1961 Studebaker Lark guages, 1978 Cordoba column, aluminum connecting rod column drop. 1960 Chevy Impala wheel, and home made aluminum trim.
A black walnut doghouse. (made by a friend)

Not finished yet but getting there.

Yankee Transplant 01-28-2016 10:28 PM

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Attachment 125389

I just made a simple dash on my 30-ish previous owner just hacked the old one to pieces..

Pablo1 02-17-2017 01:27 PM

32 Chevy Woodie
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Here is what I used

Skip 02-19-2017 12:06 AM

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I sliced and diced a 56 Ford PU dash for my 39 Ford PU.

HandOverFist 09-25-2019 09:50 PM

Interior of the '67 El Camino...still sporting the factory bench seat. ;)




forbigpicture 11-20-2020 09:13 AM


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