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AZRodDave 01-09-2015 10:09 PM

My problem is being impulsive and not thinking it through!

Originally Posted by Yankee Transplant (Post 411415)
to many zeroes for me too ... I give $75 for a 49 chevy with the locked up engine and put a 327 in it with the original trans and rear end still in it ....it didnt go about 50 mph but you could start out in 2nd if you wanted ... I could have fixed it on up with another $1000 with paint or wheels but I drove it for a few months then traded for another project .. If you can get a $1500 runner and then fix her up as you drive it I believe you will be happy ,, keep looking dont jump on the first one you see ,, a good deal will show up some where ,, take your time .. I always get took when I jump in and get the first thing I see...just my smelly ol 2 cents :D ps ive had over 80 some odd cars and trucks in the past,, some nice some just fixer uppers,, but I got the best deals on the ones that I wasnt really looking for ,, and I have pictures of 99% of them .

Man, I'd KILL for $75 '49 pickup, even $750! Don't see many of those around here, thanks to Barrett-Jackass and the other greed mongers, and these idiots who think their junk is worth big bucks. Guess that's why I bought cheap stuff with no title and not much else, and that was the wrong approach. Now I know. Was just adding up what I spent last year on parts and pieces and could be driving a nice old somethin' ! Ah well...

Maybe someone will learn from my/our mistakes. :)

On the bright side, I could put together one hellofa pickup with the parts and pieces I have out back. I just wish my skills and talents were half of what I see on this site. Could also have a nice Poncho de la Rauncho too! If stuff sells, it sells. If not, then I just have to dive in and DO something! :D

AZRodDave 01-12-2015 02:11 AM

I guess it sold ...

Originally Posted by earthman (Post 411391)

Tonight I emailed at least a dozen running and driving Chevy pickups from around 1960-1980, under $2500. Avoiding projects, except for one that just may be too cheap to pass up (needs engine)! Looks like I'll end up in a '70s C10 pickup for now (sold the Ford) and then have a bunch of parts and a little money to continue on. All my "junk" is still on craigslist with no bites, and that's okay. :)

Willowbilly3 11-08-2015 07:00 AM

Well, you got this thing kinda figured out a lot faster than some of us did, and some might never. People sometimes think I'm a crabby old fart, negative or just plain a-hole when I'm really trying to be the voice of reason (from lots of experience) but I am often the pointing out that this is how dragging home junk most often ends up.
Good plan to find a runner. I got my 56 Sedan DeVille for a grand and it didn't take much at all to get it running. With all new brakes on, and just needs a new $220 water pump and a complete exhaust to be burning up road. Prolly be in it less than $2000 and it's been a fun car to work on.

AZRodDave 11-08-2015 12:16 PM

I appreciate the advice WB. Got it through my thick skull that you are right, so made a lot of changes since. The voice of reason and experience worked!

I sold off a lot of stuff and found a '78 Chevy 3/4 ton that is a lot of fun to drive! Been de-bugging previous owner "rigging," and got the firewall sealed up, changed trans out, exhaust fixed, etc. Did some wheelin' and dealin' and picked up an '84 Z/28 that I am sorting through. It also had some really BAD "mechanic" work done on it, but now runs and drives and getting some hot rod fun with that! So yeah, your "kick in the butt" got me back on track and off the buying junk syndrome! :)

I also picked up a '90 Miata roller, put a '99 engine in it, and getting the rest of the running gear back together. My buddy Don will be coming over since he is the wiring genius, and it should be up and running this week. It'll get my "recipe" of suspension mods and setup, and be my canyon carver and autocross toy.

Still have the '59 Apache for "one day," and the old F1 cab, though both are for sale. Once all these other toys are up and running, I'll get back on the Apache if it is still here.

Willowbilly3 11-09-2015 02:37 PM

Yeah, kinda why I started shying a long time ago from chevys for trading, after 20 or so years, so many of them have been owned by one or more hacks. Don't find that near so much on other makes.

AZRodDave 11-09-2015 04:56 PM

Is it the car or the former owner?

Originally Posted by Willowbilly3 (Post 438810)
Yeah, kinda why I started shying a long time ago from chevys for trading, after 20 or so years, so many of them have been owned by one or more hacks. Don't find that near so much on other makes.

I've had bad hacks on lots of different makes. Doesn't seem to make a difference what it was, more of who owned it. I drove the Chevy truck home, then the trans started going. Friend of mine said they had used Ford AT fluid because it was cheaper, and that is notorious for eating GM transmissions. Well, it sure did, as the silver milkshake with chunks in the pan proved. Lucked out with a good used one and put the Lucas treatment in it at refill. Then there was the hack job exhaust, wiring, etc. It's good now!!!

I got a pile of receipts with the Camaro, and looking through them, found the same shop rebuilt the Q-jet THREE TIMES in two years! They finally buggered the fuel inlet so badly that it is junk, so luckily had an Edelbrock that was the right one. Of course that means I now get a CEL, but going to remove all that junk and go full MSD ignition, fix some more leaks, and some other things.

Friend of mine always says go with what you know, thus the Miata project. A snag with that, as the guy I bought the engine from took the alternator off. We are now in discussion of what to do about that. Used to be a trusted fellow, but tell me who removes the alternator from a "complete" engine? I always sold them complete from intake to exhaust and nothing missing. He seems to think that a long block IS a complete engine. No trust left there...

26Troadster 11-10-2015 08:03 AM

brother i use type f in all my th350's and 400's. it used to be the best there was. if you put dextron in a old c4 or c6 it will die a quick death. on the other hand if a gm was slipping we would put in a new filter and type f so we could keep it going a while longer. sounds like what was done to your trans.

Willowbilly3 11-16-2015 06:16 AM

Oh, I've seen buggered up cars of every make too, but the buggered up chevys count for more than the rest put together. I've probably owned 2 or 3 hundred cars and worked on thousands. I've lots of unmolested Fords, very few unmolested Chevys. What's you count? 2 for 2 on the pickup and Camaro?

AZRodDave 11-16-2015 01:11 PM

Haha, yeah, you are right; 2 for 2 on the recent Chevies. :D I've had around 300 cars and trucks too, and most have had hacked dash boards to fit a crappy radio and the resulting mess of wires, or have had shoddy work, or simply lack of maintenance. I guess that's what you get when you buy cheap cars? Guess that's why they were cheap.

OddRodsGarage 11-28-2015 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by billy (Post 411373)
No more scratch builds for me[cl
They cost too much and take way too long.
The next one will be a strong runner that is 100% legal or I won't buy it.
I figure I paid my dues already

Best advise I have heard in at least 2 minutes .. wish I could follow it ..

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