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zzrodder 04-09-2022 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by Bamamav (Post 557954)
Well, it does say RAM on the back.[ddd:eek:

Maybe insurance will replace the tailgate?

That Ford body looks solid, you shouldn't have any problem getting rid of the remains after you pluck the running gear.

Ha, Ha, never heard that before...:rolleyes:
Oh yeah, insurance will take care of it. I didn't lose it on the old guy, he felt bad enough as it was - besides, it would have drove a stake in his heart if he knew what I was going to do with his ma's old truck....

DozerII 04-10-2022 04:38 AM

That should make a great donor, sucks about the tail gate. You should be able to sell the dump hydraulics pretty easy

BillM 04-10-2022 06:18 AM

I think we've all had days that go like that, but it sure looks good on you ZZ for keeping your @#$% together. It seems the older we get the better our perspective is on things.

Old Iron 04-10-2022 08:58 AM

Some times that's just how the cookie crumbles.

lowbudget50 04-10-2022 10:43 AM

Man, I have those days more often than not!!

zzrodder 04-10-2022 07:03 PM

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Proof of life!!
You can tell by the fact the fan is a blur that it is actually running[cl
I rubbed the points with sandpaper, scraped the crustys off the electrodes in the distributor cap, hooked up a gas can Roadkill style to the fuel pump to bypass the 30 yr old gas in the tank. Dumped some gas in the carb and she fired right up after 30 yrs of slumber in a field. The accelerator pump is spewing out gas and the crispy plug wires were zapping all over, but it still ran pretty smooth, one ticky rocker shut up after a few revs and it didn't even smoke - a win in my books :)
It will get a make over with a lumpy cam and kit, hi-rise and headers, but for now it's good to know it lives....

Sunnybeach 04-10-2022 08:57 PM

You have the skills for a tail gate rehab w/o insurance getting involved. Possibly a built in tool storage area or one of those fancy steps...

MercuryMac 04-10-2022 10:21 PM

Good one, ZZ, getting a 'running like a kitten' motor out of a field is excellent.

bob w 04-10-2022 10:26 PM

Great score my man.[cl

zzrodder 04-10-2022 10:53 PM

This experience brings to mind the conversation about electric powered vehicles - I just couldn't get as excited about flicking the switch on a 50 year old electric motor as I get breathing life into into this 50 year old engine and hearing all the sounds and smells - mechanical porn.....:cool:

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