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05snopro440 09-07-2022 05:20 PM

Ah darn! Even the place we stay has gone up this year apparently. All the room rates are a rising, I guess.

I hope you have fun in Langley! I've always heard great things about that show!

zzrodder 09-13-2022 09:01 PM

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Made it to the Langley Cruise In, Aldergrove B.C. with the Hercules, got a pic with Jimmy Shine :cool:


05snopro440 09-14-2022 07:47 AM


bob w 09-14-2022 09:26 AM

Again, awesome!

Old Iron 09-15-2022 08:10 AM


lowbudget50 09-15-2022 08:27 AM

Very nice work sir!

smallfoot 09-15-2022 05:57 PM

That's quite the ride!!![cl

zzrodder 09-17-2022 07:29 PM

Doing research on changes to the front suspension on the Packard when suddenly the light bulb in my brain turned on with regard to the Hercules front end troubles. While installing the Watts link helped, there was still some bump steer - I've been chasing small amounts of play in various components, thinking that was the problem - NOT!! My original Panhard bar mounting was backwards, with the frame mount on the right side and the axle mount on the left - it should be mounted to the frame near the pitman arm on the steering box, with the axle mount on the right. Then the drag link and Panhard bar move in similar arcs, eliminating bumpsteer. I've done two other cars with a similar air bagged solid axle and hairpins with a Panhard bar and they tracked fine - by pure fluke, I had mounted the Panhards the right way and didn't even know it .... :o
Pics tomorrow of design #3

Old Iron 09-18-2022 09:07 AM


Couper 09-18-2022 12:53 PM

Absolutely awesome zz! Hercules looks great and thats a great picture! Nice to put a face with the name!

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