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Default Ok flathead guys...

Picked up a 53 Ford with a was sitting for a very long time covered in a pole barn.....I am not a flathead expert... I believed the head gaskets were leaking when I got it and none of the head bolts were even close to torqued properly. I was finding small trace amounts of coolant in the oil .... I've done the head gaskets replaced the head bolts with studs and got the radiator recored... seems ok now as to the coolant in oil situation... don't know how long it was getting coolant in the oil but it ran has some spin on oil filter adapter on it in lieu of the cartridge type and what looks like a new oil pressure sender unit.... here's my concern... the stock electric gauge reads low at idle and when warm darn near nothing... I've yet to throw a manual gauge on it before I put it away for the winter..there was no noises and or even a tick out of the motor even with the electric gauge reading zip at idle...goes to about midway on gauge off idle or driving on road... I've read a ton of threads on the issues but I'm coming to the experts for the real info on this ... if the oil pressure is actually low after I check it, what would be the first thing you'd think? Stuck oil pressure regulator valve? Bad bearing clearance? bad pump? or??
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