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Talking Progress?

Thanks for all the comments guys. Things have been busy, busy, busy at the 'Ranch'.

I managed to get the ignition cylinder fixed. Drilling out the old one and installing a new one. So with a hot battery got the old 327 to turn over.

After swapping to another carburetor, because the one on it had a bunch of plugs missing and was sucking more air then I cared to fool with.

Setting up a temporary gas tank with a 2 gallon can and a hose directly to the fuel pump. I was able to get her at least running for a few minutes.

Low and behold we spring a leak! I guess this is a pure example of 'Chrome Don't get ya Home!'

So next will be replacing the thermostat housing with another Chrome one because I can't let one leak chrome thing stop me from using another one, right?

Well the boys love the sound of the chevelle, because the heads are all bashed up, so it may as well have open headers, the exhaust is a bit pointless right now. Fortunately I have new headers and some mufflers, so hopefully we will get those on the car soon.

The short list is....

Thermostat/water neck replacement
Trans pan gasket
Headers and mufflers
Get is mobile so I can test the old drum brakes (YAY ME!!!!)
Then maybe take ti to cars and coffee next month

OH I forgot I need to fix the huge hole in the drivers floor!!!

That's it for now
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