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Default Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

I'm sure most of you have noticed that this is a fresh build thread.
Here we go.......
This gem is coming home next week.
This is going to be a joint build with my Brother.
While we haven't always seen eye to eye.
We have always been brothers.
This one is going to be a patina special.
All there minus the engine and trans.
Sits well. No sag at all. Nice and even all around.
Tires were brand new at some point. Still decent but not sure I'd drive on them.
Needs some floor repairs. Go figure.
Heres the plan ....So far.
What caught my eye on this one is the natural born patina.
We all know someone that has tried to make their car look like this one.
Outside will remain untouched.
Interior will be redone by us. Perhaps a Mexican blanket or Moving pads from Harbor Freight. Cheap but clean and serviceable.
Now. The engine.
I have a couple of thoughts on this.
One is that I install the running Nailhead I just got backed with a newer Trans.
Two. I drop in one of the fourth coming hemi's . Backed by a new Trans.
I'm inclined to go with the Nailhead. I know it runs. It's a fairly narrow engine so fitment should be easier.
I know it's not your typical engine swap. But why not says I.
The biggest $$$ at first will be a new windshield. I'm considering a Lexan one for the time being.
This build will be done as I have time. I'm still going to work on the Dodge custom. Fear not.
Let's hear what you all have to say gang.
Not only keeping on. I'm adding to the pile.
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