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Again...... Thanks all.
The plan for this one is NO slicing and dicing.
The rust work will be limited to the floor repairs and doing a better job of fitting the rocker skins.
Here is a few more Pics.
You can see in the profile shot the aftermarket rocker skins. Just stuck on over the OG's.
Typical 50's steering wheel. I do have a line on one. It's from a 50 Eldorado so it has 2 spokes instead of 3. That's on the "Nice to have " list.
Dash is intact except for the lighter.
Now a question.......
As limited as my experience is with patina. What, if anything, are you guys using to "Preserve" it?
I have seen products and to me most of them are either just linseed oil or linseed oil mixed with?????
I don't want to oil it. Any one have experience using a product called Popy's Patina? Its a 2 part that comes in Flat-matte or glossy.
It seems to get good reviews.
Thanks for any and all comments.
Keep on keeping on.....
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