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Great job!

Did they ever make one of these that [I][B]didn't[B][I] leak? Mine is on the E350 chassis, and the "attic" over the cab has leaked over the years and rotted the wood. Going to have to re do it one of these days if I keep it, but don't have time right now. Dread even starting on it.

I redid a 16' canned ham a few years back for a friend, had to rebuild the entire rear end and re plumb it, what a job. Then they let somebody borrow it, they backed into a tree, tearing loose the corner I had just fixed. I wouldn't fix it again, it eventually rotted away. It was going to have to be torn down to the floor as it had rotted soft spots in it, and the walls were built on top of the floor, so it all would have had to go and start new, too much for me.
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