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Unhappy 1950 dodge truck tribute to my son

hit the wall on the 33.

so, today l dragged out the pilothouse dodge truck l have had for 17 years. from the pics you can see how long she sat in limbo. so in my life, it is time to get it running/driving, so l decided to do a quick 2 month build on it.

it is a project my son and l started to do right after he was born, granted the first few years all he did was watch or hand me stuff, usually witherl wanted it or not. over the years of my job and his social life, we found time here and there and got it close to being a runner/driver.

then 8 years ago, 2 weeks before his 16th birthbay he drowned. following this loss and his compianship in my life, l lost interest in the truck. it was just not the same working on it without him

so l put her in storage and have not touched it since my son and l worked on it together over 8 years ago. we worked on it about 2 months together before l lost him.

the truck has a 77 nova sub-frame, a E-body 8 3/4 with 3:50 gears. she will be powered by a 327 sbc, 7OOR4 trans.

in my grief, l lost/misplaced the tittle, if anyone knows where l can get one, it would be GREATLY appreacted, l really want to finish the truck as a trubute to Jimmy(my son).

also need a few small parts, like the bars that hold down the hood, a raditor, some odds and ends.

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1948 dodge truck in deceased son's memory.

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