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Default Problems posting pictures?

Fotos have a max size of 1000X1000 pixels & a max size of 250K I believe. Here are Flatbroke's instructions of how to resize...

Open a folder of your pictures.
put the curser on one pic at a time to see what size they are.(max size here is 1000 X 1000)
If larger than max size, right click on the pic.
Scroll down to "open with"
Click on paint and that pic will open up.
(TOP LEFT CORNER) click on image
scroll down and click on "resize"
Two highlighted boxes will show 100% X100% (I had to cut mine down to 61% X 61%) yours may be different.
(TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER) click the red "X" to close
POP-UP appears, click save
then you can move on to the next pic

If you still have problems e-mail me @...

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