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Default Hercules

So after spending time in Arizona this winter for the first time in 3 yrs, I found it disturbing to not have a rod to drive there - whirring around the Fossil Farm in the golf cart just isn't cutting it anymore....
In the spirit of Bob W, who always has 4 or more projects on the go (My Hero), I decided to dive into another project to take to AZ and keep there.
Starting with the Hercules grille shell from an old welder, I'm going to scratch build a ground scraping ratty pickup along the lines of a late 20's Dodge, Graham or Fargo truck (sorry Bob for ripping off your idea)
The front axle is a 40's Chev pu that I pruned all the mounts and barbs off of and drilled for perch bolts like a Ford axle, frame horns were for a stillborn project from a few years ago. Starting with the 'ol soapstone, did a full scale drawing on the floor to get the dimensions sorted out. The plan is to be full fendered with the fenders mounted to the front trailing arms and rear link arms so they will always be close to the tires - we'll see how it works out.....
Trying to track down an organ donor right now - 70's Ford 1/2 ton for the 9" diff and a bunch of other components, maybe even engine and trans.
Last pic is a Graham truck I spotted at the Cloud museum in Bard Calif., it really got my gears turning
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