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We were taught the basics in Ag class, and got some hands on experience. Stick and torch, Mig or wire welding wasn't that popular yet, nor was Tig. I welded on a construction site, Govt job, got certified by the Army Corps of Engineers to weld on the site. Got better the more I welded. This was on heavy gauge steel. Learned how to weld without blowing through, and learned how to cut with a rod when a torch wasn't around. Ever try cutting a #9 rebar with a stick welder? When I left that job, it was several years before I picked up a welder again, and it was just like starting over, I had to relearn a lot of what I used to know. Finally bought myself a gasless mig, 110 volt China box, learned how to use it pretty good, then it got stolen. I replaced it with a 110 volt Lincoln Handy Mig, gas/ gasless, it's a much better machine. I still use my old Lincoln 220 volt buzz box stick welder for heavier gauge metal, but for sheet metal or thin stuff I use the Mig with flux core wire, still haven't gotten a tank yet for gas.

I can't lay down pretty beads anymore, eyesight just isn't what it was even with glasses, but seldom have a problem with welds breaking. But, I do own a couple of grinders, if it needs to be pretty I can always smooth it out. I'd rather have to fix a blow through and know I got good penetration than have a pretty weld that is just on the surface.
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