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Originally Posted by MercuryMac View Post
I can't answer about the -2 or -3, but I think I had one in a D-600 three ton. It pulled well, even when loaded and it'll be tougher than nails. I, especially liked the New Process five speed trans in the truck. Anyhow, Dodge didn't make a dud motor, ever, so keep it and drive it.

Phil, in the mid sixties, the Polispheric, [ poli for short] 318 was phased out and the LA 318 was brought in. 1967 was the last year for Poli's in pick-ups, and I think 1962 might have been the last year for wide block Poli's in cars as the LA 273 was introduced in '63. I'm guessing at some of this but it explains the stories that you heard about the two different 318's. The two motors look quite different. I'll see if I can find some pictures. Yes, the first one is a Polispheric compression chambered 318 out of a 1966 Dodge pick-up. The second pic is an LA 360 that looks just like an LA 318.
Maybe my memory is better that I thought or maybe I got lucky. I worked on a few back in the early 70's but not touched one since. Mostly in older log trucks.
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