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Originally Posted by Bamamav View Post
No offense to those that have tats, but I just don’t get them. My Mom would about beat my rear if I marked on myself with an ink pen, so I never had any desire to mark myself permanently. Most just look nasty to me unless they are tiny. Not my place to judge those that have them, if they make you happy that’s all that matters.
It's become a generational thing Bama.
I've know some old ladies(Old as in age) that had some small tats but they were rare and most had checkered pasts of some sort.
Plus, as my grandfather was a judge we went by the collar and cuffs code. If you had to go to court you could wear a long sleeve shirt and tie to cover them all up.
I read an interesting article that was of the opinion that people didn't get tats to make themselves more attractive, but to make them selves stand out from the crowd.
I think there is a truth in that.
And... No monkey for me. Thank you.
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