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Since the time I ordered those parts I mentioned, I have gotten them all installed and they were perfect.......except for the front two calipers. Turned out Caddy used two different calipers in that year. So I called Rock Auto and a nice guy there told me to look under my trunk mat and there would be a code there for what brakes mine had. I gave him the number and he told me what part numbers I actually needed for mine.

I boxed up the incorrect ones and sent them back and figured I would have a hassle getting credit because I had opened the boxes and gotten hand prints on them. I cleaned them up best I could. But a week later I got an email telling me they had given me full credit for the return.

So the service was good, but the only downside was that it cost me $ 27 to ship the wrong ones back to get my $ 53 credit. If I had bought locally I wouldn't have incurred that shipping cost, but in the end I did save some money on the entire order, so it was probably a good deal overall.

That seems to be the only downside with internet orders, you have to get the incorrect parts back to them and that usually falls on you to do.

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