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I use them a lot for older stuff. I will set up a cart with every thing I need, get the price + shipping, then check Advance and OReilly's web sites and compare prices. Sometimes it's cheaper to order it from Advance or Oreilly and then pick it up at the store. When I was ordering the brakes for the 8" Fairlane rear under the Lincoln, I needed a wheel stud, so I put it on the cart. When I pulled up the final price, a $2 stud was going to cost $7.50 to ship since it was coming from a different warehouse! Needless to say, I got it locally for $2.50. If all the parts you order come from the same warehouse, the shipping usually isn't too bad, but if it comes from more than one warehouse, it can eat up the savings pretty quick. I will pick and choose parts to make sure they come from the same place if I can, sometimes though it just won't work that way.

When I ordered the brake parts, they came from a warehouse about 125 miles east of me. Supposed to be three day delivery. FedEx took 7 days to get them to me, they carried the stuff 125 miles farther east before they came back west! Real efficient, huh?
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