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Thumbs up finding paperwork

I have never had any Dodge stuff around, so I am of no help there, but I do know someone with some titles so let me stop by his place and see if he has anything close.

ya, 1948 to 1953 will work, thanks in advance

will post some pics of the truck in the garage today and how far we got on tearing down.
after sitting so long l'm checking and inspecting the thing to make sure she'll safe to drive.

girl friend says l must have 'VEHICLE ADHD' since l bounce back and forth from the 1966 chevelle, to the 1933 dodge and now the truck. . l'm hoping to get to the 1960 cushman that were putting in the honda shadow 750cc motor and 18.5 M/T street tires done soon and someday, the 1957 chevy 150 l've had since 1968.

so many toy's, so little time

my opinion only, valid where prohibited, for official abuse only.

1928 maxwell hybrid build/drag car

1948 dodge truck in deceased son's memory.

1930 2dr mopar.

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