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Old 04-28-2019, 09:47 AM
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Default Wiring and fuse help please

Hi all. At this point electrically speaking this car is probably one step above a riding mower. Horn, turn signals, dimmer switch, dash gauges disconnected. I have just the basics, starts, lights, brake lights and under dash gauge set.

The wiring that was done to introduce a SBC and 12 volt was questionable and suddenly I was with a non charging system. I bench tested alternator twice, still good, it was new several months ago.

So I spent a few days under the dash and through convenient access panel at firewall and cleared out the rats nest of hanging dash bulbs, frayed original wires, and things capped off going nowhere. I went back and forth on the net looking at basic wiring diagrams for single wire alternator, with the two terminals on the side.

I drew up a quick diagram of what I now have, which is now charging and got me to the pizza joint car meet last night and my free two slices and a coke.

Note: I have original light switch, original brake light switch, mostly original wiring, and original ignition switch.

My question is: am I on the right path, (see hastily drawn diagram) and can I just run in line fuses to the light switch, volt gauge, fuel pump switch/gauge/sender, (which as you can see is hooked up to ACC) and what amp fuses to use for each if so?

Battery is both grounded to fender and cable at engine block mount of alternator. #2 terminal is jumped to output on alternator. #1 goes nowhere. Alternator output goes to light switch and original two fuse panel, both fuses go nowhere. Hot wire goes from positive cable connection on starter to B on ignition switch. I have volt gauge joined up with distributor on I. S of course is solenoid.

Yes it is all scary, I am still tracing things out, any input as far as just keeping this thing from turning into a toaster, would be appreciated.
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When one door closes, another door will open. Other than that its a halfway decent car.....
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