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Transmission, Rear End... Talk & Q&A! Tranny, rear end, drivetrain related stuff... shift it... grind it... pop da clutch!

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Old 09-02-2017, 09:47 PM
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Excellent. Thanks guys.
Is the yoke supposed to slide freely, or is it supposed to be very tight?
Mine is currently very tight. It required a hammer to knock it back on.

Here's what I did today:

I basically just moved parts around. I took off the u joint from the yoke on the big driveshaft and connected it (temporarily. Need a new ujoint cap) to the rear diff. The shorter driveshaft got the carrier bearing bracket removed.

So, I have a u joint on each end and a yoke in the middle. I will be using airbags, so it does look like it will compress the shaft into the yoke as it rises to drive height.

Does this look ok??

Also, I plan on keep 4wd. The front driveshaft is now going to need to be extended and have a carrier bearing and midpoint pivot. I plan on having a frame cross-member where the board is. It looks like the longer rear driveshaft is about the right length to cover the gap. Can I use it for this purpose? It looks like the u joints for the front and rear shafts differ quite a bit in size. I guess it doesn't matter since whatever I put in that place needs to have a carrier bearing. Are front driveshaft carrier bearings a thing, or do I need to adapt something?
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