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Old 05-24-2020, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Bamamav View Post
On a carbed vehicle I'd be more worried about changing the oil after one has been sitting than on a FI one. Carbs sometimes leak down the cylinders, FI doesn't unless you have a leaky inhector. I always smell the oil in my lawnmowers before starting them every year, if it smells like gas, it gets changed.
I need to check the mower today. I am not a mower oil change person and really should be. I think it comes from over the years of having junk mowers. One time I was mowing with a $10 mower and it started to slow then just stopped. I went to restart and it wouldn't pull. Opened the oil cap and there were smoke signals. Grab the blade wont turn. Go to the shed get some oil, not mower oil, just what was in there. Pour it in grab the blade. Spin it until it is freed up. Mower stats and runs. Only reason I got rid of it, years later, is the deck rotted. Brigs 3.5HP. Jim
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Old 05-24-2020, 08:26 AM
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My Pa in law bought a generator and some other things off a truck a few years back, brand new, wrapped in plastic stuff, supposedly US made, but had China engines on all of it. I think it was just assembled in the US with the China parts. Anywho, we filled the generator with gas, and oil, it fired right up. He used it two or three times that year, then it sat unneeded for a year or two. We were expecting some bad weather recently with possible power outages, so he decided to fire the generator up and get it ready. Well, it wouldn't start at first, dead battery. After a while, he called me to help him. I assumed he had done the basics, fill the gas, check the oil, check the gas shutoff valve. He hadn't.

To make a long story shorter, in about 5 minutes I had it running. After running about 5 minutes, we had the rod out the side of the block! I then checked the oil, thought he had done that earlier but hadn't. it overran the port and poured out, and smelled like gas. Last time he had ran it, he didn't cut off the gas valve, while it sat gas slowly filled the crankcase. I had heard of this happening, but the first time I ever actually had it happen. That is why my small engines get the smell test now before I try to start them.
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Old 05-24-2020, 11:22 AM
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My wife's car (2009 Dodge Journey) gets a lot of short trip use, not too much of any distance on a regular basis. These modern cars have some sort of computerized gizmo built in to tell you when you need to change the oil. Other guys on the Journey site have asked about if they should change the oil yet already - 13K since the last change, and still no oil change alert. Ours goes 2 - 3 K and it's complaining. I think someone once told me that every cold start counts for about 500 miles on the oil. So it adds up quick. I put it off, going by if the oil still has a clear color & good viscosity (the stretch a drop of oil between a finger & thumb deal).
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