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Old 10-03-2017, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by 26Troadster View Post
yeah still got the roadster but in pieces. was trying to build a new shop then shoulder surgery took it out of me for a while. grass around the shop is as tall as i am, i haven't been able to bush hog cause the grand son and his buddies moved everything while i was down, so as soon as the grass dies back i'll be on it again, then comes the roadster and truck. didn't you tell me one time that bc and his bunch made your coupe body? i wonder if then still have the bulk.
Yeah, Spirit still makes that body, but improved as they don't use plywood floors. They want around $7K for just the body though!! I don't have But around $5K in the whole car! Sorry to hear bout the shoulder, My wife has had that twice on the same shoulder! I understand one of the most painful healing operations around, be careful not to get to hard on it too early like my wife. Didn't you have a banger in your bucket? If I build my wife one, I'd like a turbo four in it--like the old Tbirds. She liked that 455 Pontiac--got her lots of attention--cammy tire roaster.. I spent almost 3 years without a shop, now I'm in it every day--life ain't right without one, Hope yours gets done soon.
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Old 10-03-2017, 09:08 PM
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No banger had a 350 chevy now I'm not sure what I'm gonna have in it. Too darn old to be laying in the grass building cars now so i need the shop. I did build a smaller one but it was full with in a week, may as well say i lost it to the wife.
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Old 12-12-2017, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by PA41 View Post
They are little discs held with a through bolt. They were not too successful, and stopped production in the 60s. I got this one 15 years ago at a swap meet for $60--near new. He had it on a 65 chevy 327 bob truck, and it got his motor after a few miles. It looks like the Accel had some water cooling adapted in the transfer tube...I blew the head gaskets off a flat top piston 350. It ran great till about 3500 RPM and then wanted to boost way big in a hurry. If I can keep the boost down to 4-5 psi with a smaller low compression motor I think I can make it liveable, just Not a big HP adder--maybe 50 or so. Mainly a special interest thing, and they have a sweet tone--great muffler. Heres some web pics of them and how mine was on my 350.
If I may be so bold; you absolutely must install a waste gate in your exhaust. The boost WILL run away on you if you don't. I've read through your build thread from the beginning, and by the time I got to page three, my palms were sweating from anxiety, hoping you hadn't blown it up already.

I'm running a turbo about the same as yours, and I hit 8psi at 2350 rpm, on a Chevy 250. It's at 2psi at 1600 rpm. Without a wastegate on a 302, you'd be at 25psi and skyrocketing, by 3000 rpm, and everything would explode before third gear. I say third, because you'll be in second gear nearly instantly.

I definitely think you made the right move in getting rid of the hokey butterfly dump valve thing. A wastegate can be had for about $60.

I mean no offense to your abilities and knowledge. Only to help.
If I've missed something and panicked for no good reason, you can tell me. Also, I want one of those, what is it, Turbosonic? I guess I'll have to make one.

Are you doing anything to retard the timing?

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42 Chevy build

8literbeater build
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