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Old 12-29-2017, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Tripper View Post
Mrs Tripper, her sister & her 21 yr old son & I went to Nawlins for 4 daze... some kinda fun!!! Christmas day we had a really killer brunch at the hotel & cruised the Quarter & had us a few more! These SAntas were hangin' out at an Irish pub... haha! We stay @ my fav hotel, The Royal Sonesta, right on Bourbon... it's a beautiful hotel, has killer music in the bar & they always deck it out in style! We also spent the night gambling on our way back in Lake Charles, La & I actually won $7.25. Anytime I walk away with most of my $$$... I consider it a win but I usually make up for any losses guzzlin' the free booze though!

Cheers ya'll!!!

Looks like a pretty fancy hotel, Bob. Never been there but I'm sure it's a fun place.
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Old 01-02-2018, 01:56 PM
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I had the whole week off last week and of course it rained most of the time. I don't have a shop that I can pull my car in, but I have lots of driveway room.
It was warm and sunny Friday and Saturday so I jacked up the Rambler and ran tailpipes from the muffler back. When I got the car it had 2.5" pipes from the header collectors back to short turbo mufflers and that was it. I got a new HF fluxcore mig welder a couple of weeks ago, or a splatter box as I like to call it. I just got if for sheet metal, I have a stick welder for heavier work. Yeah the little welder is crap, but it does a good job on thin stuff. BTW I saw a great tip somewhere - spray PAM cooking spray where you don't want splatter to stick! It works. So anyway the mufflers were welded to a 2.5" inlet pipe with a flange a foot or so in front of the mufflers. I welded 2.5" 45's to the mufflers and extended them to just in front of the rear wheels. It's close but it fits. I used 45 turnouts to bring it out even. The mufflers were close mounted to not very flexible mounts which shook the whole car. I put some good mounts about half way from the mufflers to the back and now it's secure and not too loud. I put some motorcycle baffles in the end of the pipes and then attached the turnouts with tec screws so that I could pull the baffles out if need be. Sounds great.
That was Fri. and Sat. Sunday started out at 43 and I figured it would warm up so I set about changing the rear brakes. It did not warm up, the temp dropped into the 30's with misting rain and gusty wind. Four hours later I finally got the brakes bled and with new everything including drums it now stops almost as well as it goes. It's in the 20's for the next couple of days and then warming up into the 60's this week which means it will be raining again. I hope to rebuild the s10 steering next weekend. Fun stuff...
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"That motor sounds like a brick in a dryer"
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