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Old 01-23-2019, 09:52 AM
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I'm doing this as a favor for an elderly man who is limited on funds but wants his car to work. I honestly don't believe there is anything wrong with the switch, and the time I spent was due to my own ignorance about electrical theory. I don't like it, but the truth of the matter is that I can route and connect wiring in a perfectly acceptable fashion, but I am, as I have stated a few times, not an electrician. I am woefully short of experience and knowledge about much of what makes some of these components do what they do. Obviously, I could never do this as a money-making venture. I have the time and energy to do what the owner can't, and want to help him out. I'm sure it will be much better when I'm done than it would have been otherwise.

Thankfully, I do believe help is on the way. Josh at AAW asked me another question via email this morning, and says he'll send me a diagram showing the hookup to the harness.
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