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Default Honestly I've missed posting ....

Originally Posted by ssimpala View Post
I've pretty much forgotten most of what little I ever new about flatheads...but still wanted to say "welcome back"....we've missed your posts.
If you remember anything, you've got me beat... by the time I was turning wrenches there were very few if any coming into the gas station I worked at as a kid.... I know there is no way for oil to get into the crankcase unless it's head gaskets seeping into the cylinders ....which is what I believe was happening when it sat after running... some of the head bolts took nothing to spin them out....otherwise I think the only other thing would be a crack in the block..but if it's cracked, then it must be a small one.... it also had a 16lb cap on the radiator and I believe that it was why the core was leaking since it should be 7lbs... so I also fixed that... doesn't lose any coolant now...same level in radiator as when I finished putting it back together...have about 150 miles of city driving on it and isn't going now my oil pressure issue is my primary concern...
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