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  1. J

    A little test for the Hot Rod brain...

    Cool test I havn't seen some of those engines in a very loooong time . Way cool ! lets do some more .
  2. J

    WV Inspection????

    Can anybody tell me or do they live in WV with a rat rod , No fenders , and expose engine an pipes . Can you get it inspected with a regular sticker or does it need a modifed sticker, I have looked through the laws and can't find anything saying one way or the other . Not that it really...
  3. J

    Newbie from West Virginia

    Thanks for the warm welcome , Where are you WV rednecks from ? As soon as I can figure out how to post some pictures of the Jeep an Bronco .
  4. J

    Newbie from West Virginia

    I'll to get some posted of the last Bronco. Thanks JT
  5. J

    Newbie from West Virginia

    Hello to all , I just found this site the other day , it's waay cool . I have restored a Jeep , and classic Bronco and Camaro , I'm about 90% finished on my 4th bronco and I'm starting to look for my next project. I really think I'm leaning toward rat rod of some sort . 40s to 50s era . And I'm...