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    Who's snowed in for Christmas

    Got snow, 6 to 8 inch, wind avg at 41 mph. can see 50 to 100 yrds. I live NW South Dakota. NWS say's another day or two??
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    '30 Model A

    Nice, like what you did with the grill.
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    The Tripper Award build

    cool, now that's art!!
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    28 road ster

    That thing is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOW
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    27 chevy p/u

    The Nancy pic bout blew me away, What a wreck!!
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    Age group poll!

    62 here,going on 39
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    Very silly question time

    Hey, Donsrods, That was very good!! Thanks
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    Pic's from Grey Beards Show in Denver

    Anybody know anything about the Diamond T car hauler,Cool!!
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    Non-Trad. 46 Chevy truck ground up

    I like the hood and rad shell, I like your build so far
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    '30 Model A

    Nice, Love the look! Headers get baffles?
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    If you have never posted.....

    Nate here, I've posted a couple times. 62 yrs, just getting back into the rod stuff.currently building 47 diamond t tow truck on a 4x4 chassis. have a 53 New Yorker and a 49 Gmc 5 window. Fun to read the other posts. Thanks
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    Yours might be a rat rod................................

    You get all the room you need on the road!! That guy can't have insurance??
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    thanks giving you may be a rat rodder

    Dinner is served in the shop!!
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    Kool, do they supply the beer???
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    Flat bed

    go buy a good stick, tig welder and have a blast. I really enjoy a good weld??