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  1. LibTimothy

    Long time no see

    Billy, Pinzgauers are a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures of mine. Timothy
  2. LibTimothy

    Caption Contest

    See Sweetie! From here you can see Oklahoma! Timothy
  3. LibTimothy

    Happy Birthday Tim....Ok

    Happy Birthday Tim. I hope this is your best year ever! Timothy (uhhh which Tim is going to?)
  4. LibTimothy

    I moved...

    Dutch, Be careful throwing out the welcome mat too often. Some of might be able to take you up on it. My daughter fell in love with a smart young man who is dutch. They were married last August in Amsterdam where they are now living. I have promised my daughter that I would visit her in...
  5. LibTimothy

    grampoop is back in the saddle

    I got to meet my newest Grandson this past week. Timothy
  6. LibTimothy

    Caption Contest

    OK, step one complete. Step 2, find 1000 pigeons and tie them to the airplane.... Timothy
  7. LibTimothy

    Oh Great Rat Rod Wizzards of everything mechanical...

    OK. Thanks for the advice. I am afraid that I can't stop shopping at Walmart. I am a Walmart stock holder. That's right I own two (2) shares of Walmart stock. So I now believe that every trip to Walmart is tax deductible because I am "Checking on my investment". :) My CPA says I am crazy...
  8. LibTimothy

    Oh Great Rat Rod Wizzards of everything mechanical...

    ..Hear my pitiful cry for help. I bought a cheap Murray mower at Wally World to cut the grass I can't reach with the lawn tractor. I have less than 3 hours of run time on it since I opened the box. I forgot about the tree stump that hides under the grass when it needs mowing. I hit that...
  9. LibTimothy

    Central Texas Newbie

    Hey Monster! I am up in Salado. Welcome to RRR. Timothy
  10. LibTimothy

    Rat Rod Christmas gifts

    I'm no expert, but I think that Harley is still missing a few parts.... Timothy
  11. LibTimothy

    Another craigslist pile....

    Wow.... That is UGLY..... Timothy
  12. LibTimothy

    Posting Race Starts Now!

    Back in to try again. Timothy
  13. LibTimothy

    Posting Race Starts Now!

    Can I play? In on page 3. Timothy
  14. LibTimothy

    A 3-D printed car... Krazy!!!

    I think 3d printers are really cool. I want to get one just for some of the small parts i need for some of my projects. I think you could build a bolt together rat rod with a much smaller 3D printer than they used for that one piece car. Timothy
  15. LibTimothy

    just some fun pix

    I kind of like it. Looks different enough that no one else will have one.... Timothy
  16. LibTimothy

    caption needed

    (This is bad.... I apologize in advance...) On your first day at a new job always bring your own lunch.....
  17. LibTimothy


    I have a Pinzgauer. It is smaller than a Unimog and was not designed to be a tractor. It still is the funnest vehicle I have ever owned. I buy parts at the same place the unimog folks buy their parts. Timothy
  18. LibTimothy

    happy b-day billy

    Happy Birthday Billy. I really enjoy reading your posts. I can't wait to see what you have to say about Michigan. Timothy
  19. LibTimothy

    Why Zombie Cats Rule

    My Cat My cat is a mighty huntress. Last night she caught some kind of rodent that seemed like it was about as big as your average water buffalo. Today she decimated the local rabbit population. [cl And she still came inside to beg for a treat. What a great cat. Timothy
  20. LibTimothy

    Super Bowl party time!

    In my house, we call that many chicken wings a light snack. Looks like you were having fun. Timothy