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  1. Sam_Fear

    steam power

    Ran across this vid and thought of this post: That's the modern equivalent of what you need to pull an 18 bottom plow.
  2. Sam_Fear

    Used Car Ad Phrases You Just Don't Get

    "Chop's done, just needs glass!" RUN AWAY!
  3. Sam_Fear

    Use jack stands

    I just use couch cushions and roll the car over. :D
  4. Sam_Fear

    How to make more $$$ buying & selling cars!

    Automotive Fairy Dust
  5. Sam_Fear

    Endless BS thread

    cement mixer
  6. Sam_Fear

    new sign project

    What are you using for lights?
  7. Sam_Fear

    Hot Rod Poetry

    Rusted metal. Frozen bolts. Missing parts. Piece of history. Piece of scrap. Piece of art? I grab my creeper, and roll under the dirty greasy beast. It's clear, what must be done. At my bench now, I hammer. I heat. I weld. The metal bends, the sparks fly, as I grind my arms grow tired...
  8. Sam_Fear

    weird build

    Scrolled past this without a thought. About 5 minutes later while I'm looking at another thread.... Ohhhh I get it. haha [cl
  9. Sam_Fear

    Christmas presents

    2 packs of socks. Not only do I need them, the best thing is I don't have to go shopping for them!
  10. Sam_Fear

    Kool Car Photos!

    But man that would be a boring job for 8 hours.
  11. Sam_Fear

    I hate new computer controlled vehicles! Rant!

    What year? I talk with our shop guys all the time at UPS. The new tractors the last few years are a nightmare for them and it's just getting worse. UPS likes to run theirs at least 2.5 million miles before scraping them. The wiring harnesses aren't making it to 750k. Same with the DEF...
  12. Sam_Fear

    HELP with spring rates

    I run right at 60 lbs 40 on the front, 40 lbs in the back of my Olds with a SBC for the most part it's not bad at all. It is right at the limit of comfort though. Any higher and the bumps get noticeable. EDIT: But I do have about 10" of padding on my seat. :D
  13. Sam_Fear

    just some fun pix

    Just needs a Trans-Camaro next to it up on blocks! (an internet classic):
  14. Sam_Fear

    What is it ?????

    Nailed it! It's darn cool but in a kinda homely way.
  15. Sam_Fear


    That's brutal. I feel for him and his family.
  16. Sam_Fear

    Racecar to RATROD

    That looks bad a$$! Running boards - how about just one or two tubes. Make them look like they are meant as side guards so it goes with the open dirt track look.
  17. Sam_Fear

    Crazy stuff on Craig's List, eBay etc!!!

    The F100 frames were built to handle bed load. You put a big motor in a stock frame and raise the front at the strip, it'll flex - a lot. I used to have a pic of one local. They then boxed the frame - that helped, but I think they still had some issues. Farmers didn't even like the unibody...
  18. Sam_Fear

    My wife was not impressed

    That's got character! [dr
  19. Sam_Fear

    just some fun pix

    F that! All I got to say about it.
  20. Sam_Fear

    hello from NJ

    Welcome to Undead Sleds!