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  1. GJunktionMike


    I got to get use to this new format,
  2. GJunktionMike


    I think I'm getting this down.
  3. GJunktionMike

    Endless BS thread

    Man starting to feel like Rip Van Winkle, I leave you guys alone for just a minute and you change everything.
  4. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    Did a little more today [dddFirst 2" tacked back in, no chop line.
  5. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    Starting some fab If I wasn't stuck on a removable top I could skip this, but I'm committed now[;)
  6. GJunktionMike

    My missguided metal work (the side work)

    Better late than never Only took me 4 years to finish the center cap for the piston rod steering wheel a few posts pack:o
  7. GJunktionMike

    New guy... thats been here 15+ years?

    Well you have me beat by 4 years:D
  8. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    2 days of cleaning and now looks like a model kit, more dirt and first cut layout
  9. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    Well plan for now is 4" chop, doors and front window, Back of the cab 2" at roof line for removable hard top and 2" at belt line to make 4". Fill in all firewall holes and rust and dent repair, build internal cab frame minus floor so can go back on a flat frame or up to 4" of channel for frame...
  10. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    Bob I think it would be easier to list what you haven't built :D
  11. GJunktionMike

    34 to 37 International C-1

    Surprise, Surprise. No shocker I have a sickness, not doing a complete build , just a GJ Mike make over and resale cab.
  12. GJunktionMike

    Happy Birthday GJunctionMike !!!!

    Just a little at a time. But still at it [;)
  13. GJunktionMike

    Happy Birthday GJunctionMike !!!!

    Yep I'm Still alive Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
  14. GJunktionMike


    About 2"
  15. GJunktionMike


    Fine tuning my spiders, best style so far [;)
  16. GJunktionMike

    Deuce of Spades DVD

    I remember round one of this :D
  17. GJunktionMike

    1932 Chevy Sedan building the rat cage.

    so I was searching around on Google and found this news report from 3/15/2017
  18. GJunktionMike

    Public Service Announcement!

    Yep paying $21 a week to get back and forth to work is killing me :D
  19. GJunktionMike

    What brought you here?

    Well Bob my leg keeps slipping into the grave but the [ddd keeps pushing it back out. Maybe when it warms up I might find my way to the garage again. [;)