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  1. BigShem

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just wanna wish all my RRR buddys a Happy Turkey Day ! [dr
  2. BigShem

    ok l.e.d.s help

    yes its twelve volt its grounded and cleaned the contacts so now im tottally stumped regular bulbs work fine leds dont work i tried everything i know anymore suggestions
  3. BigShem

    ok l.e.d.s help

    you would figure right that would .... i do have the the right light bulb prongy i'll check the grounds on them i didnt even think of that thanks and thats what i thought also they drawed les juice than a regular bulb ok thanks let me go check the grounding brb
  4. BigShem

    HotRodz weekend

    in wildwood Nj from thursday night till sunday[cl[dr[cl
  5. BigShem

    ok l.e.d.s help

    ok were to begin. ok my 54 buick ,all lights work she has a generator supplying the juice i bought these led bulbs tail lights license plate dome ect.ect. installed them i got nothingnot one lights up... whats going on .. ok heres my theory the generator is not giving me enough juice should i...
  6. BigShem

    what do you think of my new aircleaner

    i likes it think its kool and it would come up like a mirror also if ya wanted[cl[cl
  7. BigShem

    Violators Car Show...Hamburg, PA

    yo those were way Kool Ron looks like itwas a good time!!!!!
  8. BigShem

    here's mine

    Very Kool Maddog very Kool!!![cl
  9. BigShem

    the building of Sinister

    Sinister Rulz!!!!!
  10. BigShem

    A walk throught my shop

    that was way kool thanks for sharing[P[cl
  11. BigShem

    my New daily ride!!!!

    Ahhh Thanks Fella's, just ran my first hundred miles on her and no problems she ran so smooth windows down wind in my hair it was awsome this thing turns heads wherever i go in it.i do want to clean it up a lil painted the bumpers only cause the rust was coming under the chrome and i wanted to...
  12. BigShem

    my New daily ride!!!!

    sorry havent been here in a awhile gang recovering from a hernia operation any blah blah blah just brought this home today its a 54 buick special run and drives smooth all original motor ect ect... let me know whatchas think and maybe some ideas for her future
  13. BigShem

    low down 55 progress 2

    hey Jd I think it looks awsome your doing a great job on her..... cant waite to see more that dash really looks trick ...... keep her going bro
  14. BigShem

    Happy new year!!!!!!!

    just wanna wish all my RRR brothers A Happy New Year !!![cl now Lets Get back to building some Kool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  15. BigShem

    Lead Sled? Rat Truck? What the hell is it?

    I likes Good name also cant waite to see more......[dr
  16. BigShem

    X-mas presents - weirdest ever!

    mount the body parts on the bird house to warn of squirrels..... i likes the bird house very kool idea!!!!![cl
  17. BigShem

    56 Chevy...Not a build thread...YET

    ah Ron it was good to see the old girl..... she really is solid car your gonna have a blast with her.... and she's getting a z-1 package toboot.... awsome.... definatly keep me updated on her.....if theres anything you to know about her you know how to get ahold of me..... i'll ya that glass...
  18. BigShem

    1940 Plymouth Truck

    Hey Bob it looks good and solid.... i like it good job!!!![cl[cl
  19. BigShem

    Best easy to find junkyard chassis

    dodge d-50 are good and cheap as hell to get... theres others out there but thats what i know of at the moment... some of the pros here will tell ya some otheres
  20. BigShem

    earthman's actual ratrod foto thread

    not mine but thought it was kinda kool..... i think this woulda made Patton proud!!!!!