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  1. studebaker59

    Minter fab go n' show

    Had a great time, wife and I loved the cruise. Can't wait until next year.
  2. studebaker59

    Secondary fuel starvation on Holley 770

    Did you upgrade the valve springs to match the cam?
  3. studebaker59

    29 sedan "cleopatra"

    Looking good your really moving along at a good pace.
  4. studebaker59

    GMC Colman 370

    Best guess with the two barrel carb that looks to be a 366 chevy big block truck engine.
  5. studebaker59

    Summit cams

    I have used their cams in quite a few small block chevys and Pontiac engines and had no problems.
  6. studebaker59


    good looking gates I like the led lighting
  7. studebaker59

    whats wrong with this?

    looks all wrong to me.:eek: surprised the frame mounts have not broken off.
  8. studebaker59

    Disguising Fuel Cells?

    Built a wood box to hide the fuel cell and battery.
  9. studebaker59

    '65 Rover Half Cab

    It looks good should be fun to drive.[dr
  10. studebaker59

    Tired of cheap cr@p

    Had a altenator fan do that once one of the blades dented the hood.
  11. studebaker59

    Greetings from the Hoosier State

    Welcome from Washington
  12. studebaker59

    Smallfoot's AA

    I have heard that the backing plate mounting flange is deeper on the s-10 disk brake rear ends. Probably because of the internal e brake.
  13. studebaker59

    '51 Chevy truck

    Just finished up 1950 on a s-10.
  14. studebaker59

    Howdy from windy Wyoming

    Welcome from Washington pics. would be cool.
  15. studebaker59

    350 Turbo puking fluid when parked a while

    Look to see if it is leaking out of the shift shaft seal. I have one that is leaking just like you describe. Bought a tool to change it with out draining the trans.
  16. studebaker59

    New guy could use advice/opinions

    I would go with the field find, but I guess it depends on what you like. do they have paper work.
  17. studebaker59

    happy b-day azroddave

    Happy Birthday
  18. studebaker59

    Turbo 400 doesn't upshift

    the dip sticks are not the same between 350 and 400 transmissions.
  19. studebaker59

    What was your first car?

    1965 gmc 1/2 ton long box with a 351 v6 3-speed on the column.
  20. studebaker59

    More pictures of the F100

    x2 its still a good looking truck.