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  1. goose-em

    How about one of these?

    Everybody knows that a set of rims makes a custom
  2. goose-em

    28-29 Tudor body width specs???

    Not exactly what you are looking for but maybe they can help.
  3. goose-em

    Newby Rat Rodder

    Some poor newby Rat Rodder picked the HAMB as his intital landing point into the world of hot rodding. Started off talking about his 48 F100 and wanted to know a few rat rod tricks to get it started. Needless to say he was quickly attacked. I sent him a message to check RRR out. Too bad he...
  4. goose-em

    Another auto parts store rant

    Don, While I understand where you are coming from I do not think this is the main problem. WE are the main problem (not us personally WE as in a society) As a society we have asked for higher wages and lower prices. The two are inverse of one another. In order to pay higher wages the cost...
  5. goose-em


    It is funny to me how the word Rat Rod spans such a differing range of opinions. Anything from a rusted out pile of junk to a well put together hot rod can be termed that way by the general public. Within the Rat Rod genre I think there are differing levels also. Just build what you want...
  6. goose-em

    And now a message from Skipper's Pipes.

    I stopped watching at the 1 minute mark, could not waste another second on that.
  7. goose-em

    Update on the pipes

    I hate to give away all my secrets but....... Check out this link. Will save you a ton of time buying pre-drilled baffles. You can also get a full kit with glass and then your ride will quiet down some. Just my opinion.
  8. goose-em

    A tale of Drama and more

    Living on the Gulf Coast is no worse than living anywhere else. At least hurricane's are predictable unlike, tornado's, earthquake's, blizzards, forest fires, etc. I live 20 feet above sea level and have never flooded. I personally would not live below sea level here unless my house was...
  9. goose-em

    I cant be the only one........

    Currently I have a 4 quart pot in my garage, a dish towel, an embossing gun (used for shrink tubing), three or four plastic cups, several tupperware containers, a huge bowl that was once a macaroni salad bowl (did I mention it was blue but is now black), press and seal, a set of getters (think...
  10. goose-em

    A tale of Drama and more

    Wow, I have been away for a bit for sure. Had a ton of stuff going on. Friends wife killed in a car accident, his 6 year old daughter kidnapped during the hurricane. He has her back now but things are still crazy for him. Hurricane Isaac and all it's fun fence blowing down killing my...
  11. goose-em

    Clear valve covers

    yet. I am an engineer and I specialize in welding and metallurgy, rebar = bad idea
  12. goose-em

    Clear valve covers

    Some ideas dreamed up while sleeping should not see the light of day. Rebar is always a bad idea. It is not the same as a a good grade of steel. I suggest changing them out before your motor falls off.
  13. goose-em

    Cad program

    I use solidworks and Alibre Expert. Alibre expert is almost as good as solidworks but cost only $2000 compared to $10000 Alibre also makes a more hobbyist friendly program that should work for you. It costs right around $190 bucks.
  14. goose-em

    HOLY SMOKES BATMAN... it'z a scorcher in H-town 2day!!!

    97 here in lovely New Orleans today. It is a wet heat due to the humidity so probably feels like 107 or so.
  15. goose-em

    Boring video

    Good on you, sounded like your little mate enjoyed the ride. Thanks for sharing.
  16. goose-em

    Car Wreck and Fire

    Luckily I took the father in law for the ride the week before. Just a late poster. Looks like the fire is out so my brother is good. Found his children. Bonehead you are right. I once witnessed a crash involving a left turn out there. The car in front of me was turning left as was I. It...
  17. goose-em

    Driving the Father in Law

    I will figure out how to post a better link. For now I am headed to Biloxi.
  18. goose-em

    Car Wreck and Fire

    Here is the car he was in. WOW!!!!
  19. goose-em

    Driving the Father in Law

    The father in law came by for a visit, the first in two years. (he and the MIL live about 35 hours away) He was pretty excited to go for a ride. Just a little vid of the ride. and some pics afterward.
  20. goose-em

    Well wanted to let you all know....

    You can only do so much as a parent and then you have to let them grow their own wings. My families prayers are with you, your wife and your daughter. Hate to see this type of thing happen but it does and it is no fun. Hope you and especially your wife make it through. Goose