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  1. BillM

    scrap anvil stand

    I was surprised to find out several years ago that anvils have such a following. A buddy of mine brought another fellow over to my shop to see a couple of trucks under construction, and immediately spied my old (and badly chipped) anvil. Didn't even comment on my projects!
  2. BillM

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Congrats Bob!
  3. BillM

    scrap anvil stand

    Very nice Dutch. I wondered the same thing about moving it!
  4. BillM

    Bogeyman build continuation

    Looks great BH. Thanks for posting all those pictures!
  5. BillM


    Here's the video that I thought was least as reliable as anything WWW these days!
  6. BillM

    So while you wait for parts what do you do???

    I usually have several projects on the go at once, and TRY to keep ahead of myself on parts orders so that there's little waiting. TRY being the operative There's almost ALWAYS something I overlook or forget!
  7. BillM

    '34 Dodge Brothers, double build.

    Well done MM. I have a drawe full of awful looking homemade tools, bent wrenches, box ends with rods welded to them, etc. I smile everytime I look in there, then think I should scrap them but can't bring myself to!
  8. BillM


    Sorry to hear that ZZ. There's been all kinds of stories online about cam/lifter problems recently. I'll see if I can attach some of the better links when I get a chance. The most plausible theory I've seen is that even with break in lube, today's oils have so much detergent in them that...
  9. BillM


    You sure can make stuff happen ZZ! I feel pretty lazy watching what you can accomplish.
  10. BillM

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the site. Great people here, lots of knowledge and support.
  11. BillM

    48 F1

    Welcome to the site CC. As suggested, please show us more pictures of your truck.
  12. BillM

    Minimum brake caliper clearance to wheels?

    Just my opinion, but as long as it's clearing you should be good. I assume it's the outer part of the caliper that made contact with the rim? Also assuming your pads are new, so as they wear the caliper is going to move away from the rim only adding to the clearance. I worked on a 69 Dodge...
  13. BillM

    Hit and Run

    Son of a b%^&! I bet that's going to add up. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.
  14. BillM

    '34 Dodge Brothers, double build.

    Progress as always MM, looking good. Your "Carribean quick step" made me laugh. I may use that one!
  15. BillM


    Nice tube work!
  16. BillM


    I'm very fortunate as well. Mine is super supportive, gives me plenty of space for doing what I want to do, pretty much whenever I want.
  17. BillM


    Looks great LB. Co-incidentally, I'm in the midst of a Coyote swap into a 46 Ford panel right now. These things are large! I'll be watching your progress.
  18. BillM

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    That's looking fantastic ZZ! I haven't been around in a while and can't believe the progress you've made.
  19. BillM

    Tail light Tuesday!

  20. BillM

    Thursday at A&W.

    Thanks Mac! Love that Barracuda.