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  1. BruceR&C

    got my staples removed

    AWESOME!!!! Always good to hear of positive results.
  2. BruceR&C

    Cars of RRR. Post Your Pics Here.

    Check tihs thread out,,,,, :p
  3. BruceR&C

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to RRR from Alabama. Got a sister in El Prado.
  4. BruceR&C

    Peaceful E-ZZ Feeling ....

    Your work is never a disappointment, Bob. Another great one. And the Big Boy is fitting.
  5. BruceR&C

    check my car show and cruise night photos out

    Another nice shot of this ride. [cl
  6. BruceR&C

    When The Night Calls ....Artwork

    X2,,,haven't seen anything that I haven't loved. [cl[cl[cl
  7. BruceR&C

    Rat Rodder down for a while

    Like said above by many,,,follow your doctors advice. They know how to deal with it the best. With all the new advances in treatment the possibilities for a good outcome are greatly increased. Keep the positive attitude, it'll make it easier for your family to do the same. I know how it is from...
  8. BruceR&C

    VW photo thread!!!

    Picked this up back in Oct,,,,
  9. BruceR&C

    The Roofus Special

    x2 - fenderless
  10. BruceR&C

    Taos area ???

    Amazing there's nothing in the area. Saw lots of old tin around both on the street & sitting in yards.
  11. BruceR&C

    Car Show March 24, 2013 Edgewood, NM

    Was in Taos then. Was just too far to get down there. :(
  12. BruceR&C

    LA Fheile Padraig Shona !!

    a few days early but,,,,,,
  13. BruceR&C

    Taos area ???

    Any of you New Mex folks know of any shows in the Taos area Mar 23-24? I'll be visiting my sister then & would like to see what they build out there.
  14. BruceR&C

    What Did Ya Get Done This Weekend?

    Sneeky !!! Too bad mine are too far away. :(
  15. BruceR&C

    Welcome to my world!!!

    Well, they say that the memory is the second thing to go,,,,,,,,,,,, But, I'll be damned if I can remember what the first thing is,,,,,,,,,,
  16. BruceR&C

    Hello from NY!!

    Welcome to RRR, from a former NY'er. Grew up on LI, now in Alabama.
  17. BruceR&C

    I'm Greezy Bill from Alabama

    Welcome to RRR from Salem, just west of Phenix City & east of Auburn. Post some pics of that Capri.
  18. BruceR&C

    Anybody know??? When's Beatersville this year - car show in Louisville KY

    Looks like their web page was down but is now back up. BEATERSVILLE 2013, Sunday May 26th, at the Historic Phoenix Hill Tavern. One of the car things from the Bluegrass that I miss since I moved south.
  19. BruceR&C

    Did anyone else see the Horsepower seg

    :eek::eek::eek: Too early in the morning for that,,,,,, No,, too early for that at any time
  20. BruceR&C

    just some fun pix

    Looks like caused by Sandy. Looks like a NY location on the stern.