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  1. YO MUDA

    Header question

    Thanks guys. I'll prolly just wrap it and move on.
  2. YO MUDA

    Header question

    I have roadster type over the frame headers on my fenderless 37 chevy truck. The header forward most header toob is a little more than a inch from the bias ply tire. Will the heat generated by the header cause problems for the tire? What is I wrap the header? At no point, even while driving and...
  3. YO MUDA

    Wheels and tire pictures

    Kool ride.
  4. YO MUDA

    Wheels and tire pictures

    Those look really cool, what size are the wheels and tires?
  5. YO MUDA

    Wheels and tire pictures

    Very nice coupe [cl
  6. YO MUDA

    New SEQ fella

    Welcome home Jason. I think you'll like it here. :D
  7. YO MUDA

    Wheels and tire pictures

    Can we see some pictures of everyones wheels and tires? Mines in the link below.
  8. YO MUDA

    Wheres all the texas guys?

    Im in far northern Tejas, well oklahomer. I used to live up 59 in Victoria. Theres a rat rod biulder in Victoria and Edna.
  9. YO MUDA

    Rat Rodder down for a while

    Keep the Faith brother. You and your family will be in our prayers.
  10. YO MUDA

    Where's the rats??

    I have to laugh (to myself) everytime I go to a car show and see some fellow in fancy clothes, wipeing the dust off his $15000 paint job with one of those funny looking hand mops.[S
  11. YO MUDA

    Thats it! I quit!

    Hahaha neat post jfg.[cl
  12. YO MUDA

    Lookin for the biulder of my 37 chevy

    thanks, ill give her a shot.
  13. YO MUDA

    Lookin for the biulder of my 37 chevy

    Anybody know Thomas A Brewer from San Leon Texas? He biult my 37 chevy and Im trying to find some specs and history. The guy I bought it from dropped off the face of the earth. So if anyone can help, id send ya a six pack of your favorite brewski, hehehe.
  14. YO MUDA

    Rear coilover mounts.

    Gotcha. Thanks I just had to make sure.[;)
  15. YO MUDA

    Rear coilover mounts.

    My rear coilover lower mounts, (mounted on my rearend housing) has 5 adjustment holes. If I mount my coilover thru the lower holes, will that raise or lower the rack of the truck?
  16. YO MUDA

    Best and worst state for hot rods and bikes

    okieHOMERS pretty cool. No hoops to jump threw. The lady at the tag agency even came by my house to verify the vin.
  17. YO MUDA

    Kool Car Photos!

    Thats a neat truck, but whats up with the guy?
  18. YO MUDA

    wheel & hub cap Question

    You may be right. DAMN!!! thats alot of louvers.
  19. YO MUDA

    wheel & hub cap Question

    heres the wheels
  20. YO MUDA

    Another "what the ????"

    A 3 wheeler with a on board bathroom? [S