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  1. RRR Mod

    3 dvds for sale

    Please Note: Price is required! Mod
  2. RRR Mod

    Front End Fridays: Let's see 'um!

    If you take a vertical with a cell phone... the forum software gets confused & posts it as a horizontal! Especially with an iPhone! Mod
  3. RRR Mod

    2 Holley 600 carbs

    Please post location asap! Mod
  4. RRR Mod


    Haha... welcome to my world! :D:eek:[ddd Mod
  5. RRR Mod

    Photo posting prob fixed!

    Appears the image processor got crossways with the new security patch Tripper Jr installed... all's good now... party on! Mod
  6. RRR Mod

    Sorry... forum was down a while this morning for maintenance!

    Tripper Jr was doing a lil maintenance this morning so he had to take the forum down for a while to get that done... all's good... party on!!! Mod
  7. RRR Mod


    Here's a tutorial for posting photos... Mod
  8. RRR Mod

    New guy here from Pennsylvania

    The forum software turns vertical cell fotos sideways. Mod
  9. RRR Mod

    1925 studebaker project

    If you take photos with a cell... take horizontals. Verticals will display improperly! Undead Mod
  10. RRR Mod

    Blower Identification Help?????

    Can you say... VAPORIZED?!? Undead Mod
  11. RRR Mod

    'Race Cars'! Got one/had one... let's see it

    Got a race car... let's see it! [dr Undead Mod
  12. RRR Mod

    Why the name change!?!

    It has been changed but browsers cashe various parts of a frequently visitied web site for quicker loading. You can typically just reload a page & the new banner will be displayed. RRR Mod
  13. RRR Mod

    new heading

    Ck it... RRR Mod
  14. RRR Mod

    Sorry guys... I had to ban the Dancing Dominatrix!

    Didn't want anyone to have a heart attack! [ddd:eek::D RRR Mod
  15. RRR Mod

    Sorry guys... I had to ban the Dancing Dominatrix!

    I know... it was a tuff decision but I ended up banning the Dancing Dominatrix! Don't cry... you'll get over it!!! :eek::eek::eek: RRR Mod
  16. RRR Mod


    Typically Google ads displays ads for things you've been searching for on the interwebs... hummmm?!? RRR Mod
  17. RRR Mod

    Got pictures of your ride in Howl-O-Ween gear?!

    Here's my old ratty the 'Daytripper' in Howl-O-Ween gear! :D Do you deck yours out?!? BoB
  18. RRR Mod

    I hope you guys won't cry like babies!

    Sorry guys but I had to breakout the ol Squasher/Vaporizer. Someone from a website that sells life size dolls for... ummm... companionship lets say... tried to join. Don't mean to upset anyone & I don't want to hear growed men cry either!!! :eek::eek::eek: RRR Mod
  19. RRR Mod

    Had to dust off the ol Squasher/Vaporizer!

    It's not nice to spam the forum & sneaky to try & use PM's to do it so I had to dust off the ol S/V! It was a small one but stinky & messy so please forgive any overspray on u're ride, boots, keyboard or whatever! You may also want to avoid any purple or green colored haze drifting on the...
  20. RRR Mod

    I hate the term

    Funny this should come up... I've been thinkin' lately... & we all know that spells trouble! RRR Mod