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  1. YBeNormal


    Very Unfortunate, the street racing stuff has got a bit out of control and it is going to cause issues for everything
  2. YBeNormal

    1945 GMC Prohibition Express

    Curious who all is still around I am still around kids and life have taken over alot along with other projects. I am still here occasionaly but guess not in a couple years. I still have Moonshine and really want to get back to work but life! LOL Hopefully soon though! Hope everyone is doing...
  3. YBeNormal

    TH400 question

    So the kit will come with the clips and does the kit explain this option?
  4. YBeNormal

    TH400 question

    I have a th 400 that came out of an rv and I want to make it so I can stay in a gear with out it shifting what do I need to do? Will a shift kit fix that or do I have to buy a whole new valve body?
  5. YBeNormal


    Same here it was great meeting you too. We will have to get together sometime when works not busy and hang out
  6. YBeNormal

    Big day!

    Congratulations man!
  7. YBeNormal

    the duck 6X6 attex chief 400

    Nice find. My uncle has one of those last I knew the trans went out and he didn't know anyone to fix it so it has been sitting there for years
  8. YBeNormal


    To add to these diagrams I was able to run a single flasher relay on mine with a on/off/on toggle using a trailer wiring light converter so that I can run single lights on the rear and not interfer with the brake/turn function. I I didn't use a curt brand but something similar to the one pictured
  9. YBeNormal

    Newbie from Louisiana

    Welcome to the site. :D
  10. YBeNormal

    Hey Billy

    That thing is awesome:D Here's the tires you need!
  11. YBeNormal

    Harbor Freight engine leveler.

    I purchased this one from Macs a few years ago and it is awesome. Only downfall is it is not as universal as the chain style one and it's also 3 times the price. But it works great can do motor and trans and almost point the tailshaft straight down.
  12. YBeNormal

    Merry Christmas!

    I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! I hope everyone gets what they want! Merry Christmas David
  13. YBeNormal


    So shiney!! Where would it fit in the garage!:D
  14. YBeNormal

    Smallfoot's AA

    I was wondering the same thing! How are you doing?
  15. YBeNormal

    VW photo thread!!!

    Well a little over a year ago I decided to take a break from my truck and ended up picking up another project for 200 bucks and in 3 5x8 trailer loads I got it all home. I managed to get it completed in time for BuG Jam in Dade City. BARELY!:D
  16. YBeNormal

    Daytona Turkey Run

    We might make it again this year. Have to clear the plans with the wife.
  17. YBeNormal

    The Official 2016 RRR Calendar Info Thread

    Guess I should get on here more often. I didn't even know there was a calendar!:eek:
  18. YBeNormal


    Definitely would not want to use a one wheel emergency brake system but for parking would be just fine. If I ever need an emergency brake I just plan on letting the air out and grinding to a stop:D
  19. YBeNormal


    Thanks guys. It means a lot!:)
  20. YBeNormal

    Some may have noticed

    Hey man! I just catching up on all this. You are definitely in our prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can do or help you with. BTW we need to get together soon!:D