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    1929 Essex/Truck

    essex build going to be a cool looking ride hope my 29 essex coupe turns out that cool
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    wheel size

    thinking about running 14's front and 15's on back of my 29 essex coupe any thoughts or pictures
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    Barrett Jackson Auction.

    there is a guy there from nova scotia on the south shore canada as well
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    Newbie from Saskatchewan Canada

    essex hi they all sound good .I have a 29 essex coupe in parts so far mint doors still with all the fctory original paint all glass trim back finders what is left of the trunk lid [ rot ] .Plans are to run 1951 to a 1959 6 cyl GMC 302 with 270 rods crank and pistons and a 5 speed out of a 85...
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    Name that engine!!

    348-409 dip stick driver side