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  1. wildcat

    easy axle question

    im runnin a 40 ford front axel & dana 44 that came out of a IH scout. little bit wider in back.
  2. wildcat

    What can I do with this front axle?

    dump the bags for sure, be cool if the Z in the frame was back at the firewall..lotta work though..
  3. wildcat

    Cars of RRR. Post Your Pics Here.

    my fun stuff 51 plymouth 30 rat
  4. wildcat

    65 Triumph running

    cool thats a great triumph looks really good hardtailed with the stock tank. good work!
  5. wildcat

    Just an old flat bed truck

    great truck, cool set up on the front end
  6. wildcat

    brakes 51 plymouth

    thanks ill have to order the puller , i have the cheapo one and its not doin anything.
  7. wildcat

    brakes 51 plymouth

    I've been trying to get the rear drums off for a couple days with no luck. A freind says to remove the rivits holding the drum to the flange. He says the lug bolts will hold the drum to the flange. anybody ever do this?
  8. wildcat

    before and after..

    This was how my car looked the day i got it home. picked it up on craigslist, drove it home about 45 miles,it was all registered but did'nt have any lights or electrical at all. battery was on the floorboard was hotwired runnin off the battery.i tore the whole car down to the bare frame, redid...
  9. wildcat

    Sz12 feet & 3 tiny pedals

    I used the the wilwood pedal assembly from speedway. hung them from a 1" square tube frame . still could'nt make room for the gas pedal on the floor so it's on top of the tranny. Im also a size 12 and can only drive with tennis shoes on. it's all worth it to have a three pedal car
  10. wildcat

    You drove..HOW far???

    My longest trip was from SF bay area to Las Vegas 1200 miles round trip. Alot of fun. I take alot of weekend trips to fresno in it, 400 mile round trip.
  11. wildcat

    The March Meet

    Ive been the last 2 years, it was alot of fun & will be going this year. Ive never stayed down there but should be plenty of hotels in bakersfield
  12. wildcat

    Time to Chop - opinions wanted

    Im liking #3, go's with the low stance
  13. wildcat

    1926 Ford T Coupe

    great looking T, love the tire combo
  14. wildcat

    What drives you to build a ratty?

    Like most have said its fun! I love driving my car down a gravel fire road and not worrying about it. I was at a local show and got parked next to a guy selling a 32 roadster for 70K, beautiful car but the stress & worring about it drove the guy crazy. I tried to get him to come & do burnouts...
  15. wildcat

    midnight mass in nor cal

    hey, we were looking at your cars at the show... very cool!
  16. wildcat

    midnight mass in nor cal

    will be a good time. see ya there
  17. wildcat

    Dead End Cruisers Show

    me and a friend went up to this show, good time , little cold going up over donner pass. the dead end cruisers & mugrusos car clubs put together a event.
  18. wildcat

    Photos from Beatersville Car & Bike Show 2010

    great pics the variaty of years & styles
  19. wildcat

    1st build, 1933 olds rat

    thats agood lookin sedan. are you going to use the frame,fenders or not?whats the plan im wondering
  20. wildcat

    My low, loud and fast 30 coupe

    i have pretty close to the same set up on my front end, drives & rides good. ive had it up to 100 mph on the way to vegas no problem. thats a great coupe!