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  1. sgtpontiac

    Stolen from Power Tour

    It's a darn shame that it has to blemish the Power Tour.... shed's a bad light on the whole thing.... it's certainly true that you SHOULDN'T have to take extra ordinary steps to secure your vehicle and make it as theft proof as you can, but I don't really understand why you wouldn't take those...
  2. sgtpontiac

    The rat fink shift rod

    See...not everything is bad when you're behind the 8 ball... :D
  3. sgtpontiac

    A penetrating oil tip!

    Happy Wife, Happy Life... :D
  4. sgtpontiac

    WOW... lightning hits motorcyclist!

    I've always wondered how that works... LOL.. :D [cl
  5. sgtpontiac

    Smashed in the back again

    Sorry to hear and hope the son recovers quickly... I think Doc and I went back and forth on this a while back... there has to be stiffer fines and penalties but honestly, it's very difficult to observe these people from the inside of a patrol unit... really need a spotter that's watching just...
  6. sgtpontiac

    WOW... lightning hits motorcyclist!

    Had a bolt of lightening bounce off the patrol car hood a few years back... scared the bageebees out of me ....:eek:
  7. sgtpontiac

    1948 Thriftmaster

    LIKE A GLOVE!!! Nice...[cl
  8. sgtpontiac

    Wheelbarrow tub Go Kart

    Very cool.... yeah, put her to work... lol..
  9. sgtpontiac

    Knives, knives... more knives!

    How many did you buy? I mean LS motors.... :D
  10. sgtpontiac

    just some fun pix

    Absolutely SAD!
  11. sgtpontiac

    The Evilconoline Build

    Sounds like a plan to me!
  12. sgtpontiac

    Child hood death machine!!!!

    Nice!! yeah I thought about those old 3 wheel Honda's too when I read Childhood Death Machine... actually had a buddy crash one, no helmet and now is suffering traumatic brain injury... won't ever be right or so the doctors say.. :(
  13. sgtpontiac

    Traffic Pix

    Agreed for sure.... What boggles my mind is that they don't even really go over it in drivers education more than brush over it... THAT really amazes me.... Matter of fact, the other day I saw the drivers ed teacher out with a student using his phone... I stopped him later on giving him how I...
  14. sgtpontiac

    A penetrating oil tip!

    Only thing that even comes close is Kroil.... and honestly I'm not convinced that it isn't the 50/50 mix of TF and Acetone...Kroil is just too expensive to be spraying all over....
  15. sgtpontiac

    Happy birthday timbo !!!!!!

    X2 Happy Belated Birthday....
  16. sgtpontiac

    1937 chevy truck 3/4 ton

    Looks darn nice to me....:D
  17. sgtpontiac

    Hi from Ohio

    Welcome from South Eastern Michigan... that's the lovely glove just above
  18. sgtpontiac

    It's monkey time!!!

    Personally they are not for me... didn't get any while in the Army and overseas and never got wasted enough to be pulled into a parlor... so I remain simply spotted with some age spots, freckles and graying everyday hair... :D
  19. sgtpontiac

    Traffic Pix

    Understood... in a smaller community with lower speeds like ours, 30 to 40mph...we see a majority of rear end collisions or Tbone accidents at the bigger intersections.... Bigger cities around us have freeways and higher speed 55mph roadways that we don't have... so the seriousness of the injury...
  20. sgtpontiac

    just some fun pix

    I'd be surprised that the majority of you guys EVER did welds like that... now me on the other hand... that's a different thing... :D