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  1. Old Iron

    other hobbies?

  2. Old Iron

    What do you call this? Where do i buy another one?

    Flipper, I can make one for you. Piece of cake I just need the length of the bolt, does the hole go all the way through and how far into the bolt does the 1/2" thread go?
  3. Old Iron

    W.VA. Hillbilly

    :sneaky: 🤣
  4. Old Iron

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Congrats to your wife for putting up with you all those years. OK and you for sticking to it.
  5. Old Iron

    scrap anvil stand

    Very nice
  6. Old Iron

    just some fun pix

  7. Old Iron

    other hobbies?

    Has all the makins of a fine bull
  8. Old Iron

    no prizes but really???

    I've had distributor advance plates short out and cause this problem. Are you running points or Hei distributor? If points, set them to .017 and make sure you have a ballast resistor to drop the coil voltage to around 8 volts.
  9. Old Iron

    just some fun pix

    I started with, set the ac/dc arch welder machine to dc, touch off and go then, went to Miller 250 Syncrowave tig machine with high freak start with pedal to now I use a Miller Dynasty 200 DX with thumb control water cooled and love it.
  10. Old Iron

    Model A Pickup just another build !

    🍿 :cool:🍿 Open emoji's search popcorn then after using it it will be in the selections then
  11. Old Iron


    Do you ever sleep??????????? :cool:
  12. Old Iron

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    Did you use the 80 or 120 mil I had been using the gutter seal from Lowe's but, switched to the 50 mil Kilmat this time and love it.
  13. Old Iron

    Bogeyman build continuation

    Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Old Iron

    Lazer cleaner/ lazer welder

    No but sure would like to try one out. I can't justify the cost of one for my small shop.
  15. Old Iron

    Model A Pickup just another build !

    Coming right along. I used motorcycle running/turn signals on my 37 and they do blend in well.
  16. Old Iron

    New to rat rodding

    Welcome to the site. Start a build thread and we'll all follow along.
  17. Old Iron

    just some fun pix

    Tuna scoop hood
  18. Old Iron


    They are higher priced than heim joints but noise transfer with heims is terrible on a street driven ride.
  19. Old Iron

    I'm Gonna Build A Dragster!

    There's one on dabay for $12 free shipping
  20. Old Iron

    I'm Gonna Build A Dragster!

    Cool, I've never seen one