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  1. bruno

    Isky Assaulted

    That is your opinion only small, i disagree.
  2. bruno

    Another place to waste time, LOL!

    Sorry, but i don't think this is the place to promote your own forum. Just my opinion.
  3. bruno

    Welding tables... let's see um!

    Good looking table, also one good looking pup.
  4. bruno

    Endless BS thread

    What ever happened to your military truck?
  5. bruno

    New Look?

    Is UDS gone?. It won't come up on my computer. If this is the new format i don't care for it. Then again i'm old and don't like change.
  6. bruno

    Tail light Tuesday!

    I had one of those many many moons ago, and i'm not talking about the VW.
  7. bruno

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    Looks great, i'm really liking that color.[cl
  8. bruno

    New addition

    Beautiful baby girl, hope the wife gets well soon.
  9. bruno

    Truckin' Thursday: You know I love me some trucks!

    I'd drive that in a heart beat.[dr
  10. bruno

    37 Dodge Pick up for sale

    How about $7,200, That's less than half of what i have invested in it.
  11. bruno

    Another bronco

    Very nice !!!
  12. bruno

    Prostate Out!

    Great news !!!
  13. bruno


    Wife and i have taken all of the shots. 6 months ago we both tested positive. Wife felt bad for 2 days, didn't bother me at all. Feel bad for you guys who got real sick.
  14. bruno

    Wiper Blades

    They could still make wipers that would take refills. However then they couldn't rip us off.
  15. bruno

    Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fest 2023

    Have to use a chain saw to carve that big fella.
  16. bruno

    Kinda like a T bucket

    I'm really liking this build[cl
  17. bruno

    Wagon Wednesday: gotta love some longroofs!

    Old hearse or flower car?
  18. bruno

    Endless BS thread

    [cl[cl[cl Let my wife read that. She said my heart couldn't handle a hot 70 year old much less a hot 23 year old.
  19. bruno

    Kinda like a T bucket

    Great looking "T" in my opinion.[cl[cl
  20. bruno

    Happy birthday bruno !!!!!

    Thanks guys, i am now offically half way to 150.