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  1. Toad

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y'all! Haven't had much time to check in lately but that's easing up here at years end! 2024, bring it on! [ddd Toad
  2. Toad

    My new toy!

    Wow Tripper, that thing is nice! [cl:eek: Toad
  3. Toad

    1934 Ford 5 window Coupe Hot Rod

    Very cool! [cl Toad
  4. Toad

    Kinda like a T bucket

    Too cool and looks like you'll have decent foot room, that's always a problem! Toad
  5. Toad


    The wife and I use a flat one that holds a replaceable razor blade. Comes in handy for many things! Toad
  6. Toad

    Talking about UGLY!

    I'm sorry but that new Tesla truck is butt UGLY! :eek: Toad
  7. Toad

    Fly by wire!

    Count me out! :eek: Toad
  8. Toad

    Best sealant for thermostat housing?

    If I'm not mistaken, the Permatex stuff is the same thing as plumbing pipe sealer. I have some in the shop from different plumbing projects & it has always worked fine for me. Toad
  9. Toad

    So in theory this should work right?

    Not necessarily but I've seen some people use that method. Let it rip and see if you have a decent pedal! Toad
  10. Toad

    Videos show thieves stealing Harley-Davidson motorcycles

    Pretty brazen! :eek: Toad
  11. Toad

    The HAMB strikes again

    Haha, "traditional" is whatever they say it is! I've seen rat rods being built by some of the in-crowd & they never say a word! Nothing ever changes over yonder! [S:eek: Toad
  12. Toad

    Lonestar Round Up 2023

    Thanks for sharing Mr Tripper! [cl Toad
  13. Toad

    HAMB Auction Site

    That's a pretty crowded field to be starting up this late in the game! :eek: Toad
  14. Toad

    Happy Birthday GJunctionMike !!!!

    Happy birthday Mike! [cl Toad
  15. Toad

    Another new guy joining the party.

    Welcome from the Big Pond! Toad
  16. Toad

    In Memoriam

    Remembering Torchie, RIP rat rodder! Toad
  17. Toad

    RatRod design trends

    That's the truth! "Rat rods" don't bring much money these days for sure! Hard to make a profit building cars in the first place! Best to build something you like and then drive the wheels off it! Toad
  18. Toad

    A new perspective!

    I feel ya... I'm done with the full on builds as well! :D Toad
  19. Toad

    Stolen vehicle

    I've even installed fake video cameras that have a red blinking light! They seemed to do the trick & were about $25 ea! Toad
  20. Toad

    What happened to KillBillet?

    It takes $$$ to keep a site open! That's why it's still important to keep UDS going, you all know what to do! Toad