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  1. soltz

    scrap anvil stand

    Nice! Makes mine look old and rusty, wait it is! 😵
  2. soltz

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    ^^^^^^^^^ “W H S”
  3. soltz

    W.VA. Hillbilly

    I don’t even hunt, but that’s a good one !😉
  4. soltz

    Isky Assaulted

    Bob and Bama, I agree on all counts. That’s one of the reasons I left Calif after 70 yrs.
  5. soltz

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Happy 60th. I’m only at 50 if you count both wives🤪 Truck is looking GOOD !!
  6. soltz

    My 1930 Tudor build

    Coming along 👍🏼
  7. soltz

    Isky Assaulted

    That sucks x 6. Glad he’s ok! Hope they cautch the and AW and hang him😡
  8. soltz

    Motorcycle Monday! Got one, had one, love one... let's see it!

    I guess that’s what we did in the 60’s 🤔
  9. soltz

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    Nice work! That will keep warm or cool, as needed 😆
  10. soltz

    Bogeyman build continuation

    As was said, cool build and nice work. Keep the pix coming!
  11. soltz

    New to rat rodding

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your build !
  12. soltz

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Coming along and looking good 👏🏻 ?🍿?
  13. soltz

    no prizes but really???

    What a fun trip🤨 can’t wait to see what you find 🤔
  14. soltz

    Vintage Vehicles on the Job

    Love it!! Thanks
  15. soltz

    Every Kid's Dream

    In the world of tires bigger is always better!! That’s a great rat your building there 😵
  16. soltz

    New to the forum

    Welcome aboard! Yes lots of pix for the build. 😆
  17. soltz

    Wagon Wednesday: gotta love some longroofs!

    Very nice wagon👏🏻
  18. soltz

    Front shock & spring questions/advice!

    Nice ladder truck👩‍🚒 The wagon is looking good 🧐
  19. soltz

    Model A Pickup just another build !

    Fuse box looks good! Wiring is fun, just keep track of the colors🤓
  20. soltz

    my rat army bike

    Welcome to site! Nice rider Earl Kaw ?