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  1. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Dutch, the bed will be raked at the same angle as the cab. That should alleviate any eye strain. Yesterday marked our 60th wedding anniversary. I've devoted this week to long overdue chores the little woman has been asking for. Not much time left for Dodge building.
  2. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    It should lower about an inch with the rest of the weight.
  3. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Got a front wheel on and placed the radiator and shell. The front axle and tie rod prevent moving it rearward. The shell is shown higher than it will be. Won't be any higher than the cowl. The cab is tilted forward in this pic and the frame and suspension remains as built.
  4. bob w

    Isky Assaulted

    So let me get this straight. A 102 year old man walks out onto the sidewalk, gets mugged and his phone is stolen. We're supposed to celebrate that the low life thug didn't kill him? I'm grateful he didn't get severely injured or killed. But I'm more than angry that this is becoming more...
  5. bob w

    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    None better.
  6. bob w

    Isky Assaulted

    Don't sell out, smallfoot. You'll find yourself in politics.
  7. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Change of plans: Picked up a bunch of sheet metal and decided to fab my own body. Worked all night. Hope you like it. Actually, this was in a parking lot on my way to get morning Diet Pepsi.
  8. bob w

    scrap anvil stand

    That anvil is a beauty now with the work you have done to it. The base couldn't be better.
  9. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    It's sitting at ride height in front. Yesterday I raised the back of the cab just a bit. With the tall, flat back it made a subtle, but good difference in appearance. Should be okay. BTW, those are 3-2 by 4's stacked on edge to approximate the bed side. I'm celebrating today because I didn't get...
  10. bob w

    rebuild that Delco points dizzy

    I've got points distributors in 3 of my cars, including a dual point, no vacuum advance one in a roadster. Points, rotor and condenser used to be packaged together and sold as a tune up kit.
  11. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    Here it is as is and the second shot is with the rear raised 4 1/2". Now was think I need to put some forward tilt on the cab. Any opinions?
  12. bob w

    Isky Assaulted

    I'm not celebrating that Ed survived getting mugged. I'll celebrate when the streets are safe and 102 year old people can move about in their own neighborhood without fear.
  13. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    The frame is married to the cab. Just siting on it. I'll need to put a box side on it to fully observe the stance. Now, it looks a little low in back. It's nice to reach this milestone though.
  14. bob w

    Isky Assaulted

    About 10 years ago Ed was a guest at the Meltdown Drags in Rockford, Ill. I was there with my dragster. Ed was signing autographs. I waited to get one. Didn't want a piece of paper with his signature so I took off my "Hop Up" magazine Tee shirt and exposed my pasty white, muscle free body to the...
  15. bob w

    no prizes but really???

    That's why I suggested eliminating the vacuum advance for the time being. Vacuum advance as OI states, rotates the breaker plate, mechanical advance rotates the distributor cam. You don't need vacuum advance. It gains you a couple miles per gallon at light load, part throttle cruising speeds.
  16. bob w

    other hobbies?

    So Tripper, bull riding is one of your hobbies???
  17. bob w

    Thursday at Gruber's

    The 2024 season has begun. We get together all winter, every Thursday, but with the weather improving, the cars are beginning to show up. Original Barracuda, Ford in a Ford '40 as nice as they come. Here's a new one: Dodge crew with front drive Caddy stuck in back. (Might be and Olds Toronado.)
  18. bob w

    1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

    With my trusty angle grinder and cut off wheel I cut up some 3/16" plate and made front shock mounts. Waiting for shock eyelet sleeves before I weld them in place.
  19. bob w

    Isky Assaulted

    I guess you shouldn't state California is a sewer.
  20. bob w

    just some fun pix

    Not everyone can TIG. Flux core MIG ain't easy.