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    The Stumpy Truck

    Yea, fun to visit, but would not want to live there.
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Since Stumpy isn't done yet, but I had a room reserved in Vegas for Easter weekend. So I took the 79 T-Bird to drive around for the weekend. If you look real closely in the picture you can see the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas " sign. Today I got my new tags at the DMV. Stumpy is legal to...
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    The Stumpy Truck

    So I've been busy doing everything except working on this truck. But the bed floor is done. The dark spot is wet wood in the first pics. I pulled the truck outside for some pics and you can see the floor is all one color. The truck probably won't change much in looks from here on out. Mostly...
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    Willys long cab

    Rear bumper looks awesome, waiting to see what the front gets[P[P
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    The Stumpy Truck

    I drove the truck out and back in. After I fixed a vacuum leak I gotta figure out what else is going on with the engine.
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Yes it is, also for sale. Message for more details
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    R.s.c. Build off car!!

    [;)[;) [cl[cl
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    the bob peters 48 3100

    Just caught up. Chevy is looking good, then the sidetrip to Fordland looks like fun. I'm curious to see what the plan for the big front wheel wells is with a Mercury donor.
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Yea, pretty much like Snopro posted, but in yellow.
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    The Stumpy Truck

    I don't have any before pictures of the truck. But it was Just a big uncool looking piece of steel. I still have the frame in the yard, I'll try to remember to get a picture of it later
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Finally an update worthy of pictures. A couple of friends came over and we got the bed wood installed. I need to get longer screws for the back of the upper deck, and I have none in the lower deck, but the wood is in[cl[cl[cl Now on to a million other details that will take a lot more time...
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Thanks for coming in to check out my project. A buddy showed up and we got quite a lot done last night/ into this morning. Radiator is mounted. Battery bracket is done. A long darn time working on the transition from the bed upper deck to the lower deck. Pictures later today or tomorrow...
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    more parts....

    I just caught up on this thread. I like the direction it is heading. Keep it up and keep posting pics for us.
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    How forums die!

    Guilty as charged. I mostly lurk on forums, unless I am actually working on a project, like I am mow. I don't usually just post random things online.
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    Before the internet?

    I remember those days, and the guys behind the counter actually knew how to look stuff up in those books.
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    The Stumpy Truck

    Well the last 2 sets of days off have passed and not much progress. Other than grill and front bumper are mounted. Done, finally. Trying to line up a 63 Imperial bumper that is kinda tweaked on a 57 GMC that is also tweaked was a blast. Then get the grill in there... Many beers were...
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    Willys long cab

    I just caught up again. Hows the finger doing? That hurt to just look at. Everything else is looking good.
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    1925 studebaker project

    I love this build. Keep posting updates for us.
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    Willys long cab

    Looking good.[;)[;) I like it.[cl[cl
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    Rat City Rukus April 20-19

    I am bumping this to the top. I have been focused on building my Stumpy truck with the goal of making it to this show April 3 this year. Well previously when I looked at their website, it said waiting on event permits. Yesterday it said Cancelled. My heart sank a little bit but I said "screw...